help me help Special Olympics with a $2 purchase of a knitting pattern for a dishcloth

Collectively, we knitters have achieved Gold Medal Circle status at SO for 2014 and 2015. Let’s do it again for 2016. I’ll keep the running total at the top here. 2014: $3,700.

2015: $900.

2016: $1500. ($1500 by July 27- we beat 2015!)

Grand Total: $6,300.

Full list of donations can be found on the pattern page. Update March 29, 2016: $150 each sent to SO Michigan, Ohio, Nevada, and South Carolina.

Update November 16, 2015: $300 sent to SO national.

Update May 2, 2015: $300 sent to SO Washington.

Update April 31, 2015: $300 sent to SO Michigan.

Update end of December, 2014. $3,700 total.

Update July 19: 1,500 total pattern sales, plus a class taught with proceeds going to S.O. Another $500 sent from patterns, and $300 from class. ($2,800 total.)

Update August 10: $300 sent from the proceeds of a class, separate from pattern sales. 1,800 total pattern sales. $500 sent to Special Olympics this week. ($3,200 total- $1,000 Washington; $1,300 Michigan; $500 national.)

Update July 5: 1,200 total pattern sales. $500 sent to Special Olympics today. ($2,000 total- $500 Washington; $1,000 Michigan; $500 national.)

Update July 4: We made my original goal of 1,000 sales. Already! I’ll keep going as long as you all keep going! Today I sent $500 to Special Olympics, Michigan.

Update July 3, 2014: Okay, you dear people. Wow! Since posting this, with the generous help of so many of you, and the boost from all your sharing on Facebook and through other means, 813 donations have arrived already. We’re doing great! I changed my mind about sending donations at the end of the year. I’ve sent $500 to the national Special Olympics, and $500 to the Washington state branch of Special Olympics (I hope you’ll allow me that liberty.) I have payment receipts from the bank, but when I get the thank you from S.O., I’ll add that to this post. And, I’ll keep sending donations…

Original post:

For my brother Mark, whose July birthday was always a big deal. I think about him a lot.

2009-2010-2011 066 Scan_Pic0081

I am hoping that many $2 dishcloth pattern purchases may add up to nice donation to Special Olympics this year. At the end of the year I’ll report the totals in this blog, and, minus a small Paypal fee, I’ll donate it all to this cause.

Your help is appreciated. Tell your friends.

The cloth is a simple one, with a splash of color and design attention paid to the details at the edges and loop.

IMG_2376 IMG_2401

Thanks for helping me make this gift by purchasing a copy of the pattern at

Buy it by following this link: Link to Ravelry pattern page. You’ll find a “buy now” button to click there. The pattern is called “Sinkmates”.


– Lorilee


3 thoughts on “help me help Special Olympics with a $2 purchase of a knitting pattern for a dishcloth

  1. Well, YEAH!!! Saw you working on these — they look like fun! I too love cotton dishcloths for the kitchen and now I have a new pattern to try. Thanks!

  2. Just bought the pattern on Ravelry. I had a younger brother who was developmentally disabled, and man yes, the birthday was a big deal. My (late) quarterhorse mare won some gold medals in the Special Olympics. Such a good program.

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