I’ll keep this short and sweet (that comes from the pie part)

This can be a sensitive issue in knitting groups.  I run into a lot of knitters from across the country and hear of the problem often, so I’ve told this story in person to many people. It comes up so often I wonder if writing it here would help more broadly.

I’m talking about knitting group etiquette, and, specifically, not monopolizing the conversation.

I talk too much, and I’ve had to come up with something visual to help me. Maybe it will help others.

When I enter into a group setting, I see the group as a pie. Twelve people? Twelve pieces of pie. I get to talk for 1/12th of the time. That’s it. If someone else chooses quiet pie, I do not get to fill the void.

If the pie splits up into sub-pies or shifts in size, adjustments can be made.

I’m not perfect, but I’m getting better at listening and resisting the urge to grab more than my fair piece.