How to conduct a knitting class

Conducting a Knitting Class

– Preparing and Presenting a Class that will Empower Your Students


This web seminar aired live December 10, 2013 and is available as a download from Interweave. It is one hour long plus a Q&A session.

from a student:
Terrific webinar! You provided this teacher who wants to improve with great material. Much that you covered can be applied to what I am doing now and there was plenty to help me move to the next step. Two things that stand out are “no ripping without permission” (hate it when I get around the table only to find the first person casting on again!) and to value the class so the student is invested – so true! Now how do I get store owners to understand the concept??
Your presentation of the material was spot on, the pacing was great. Felt as though the class could have been a little longer, how’s that for being contradictory? It is not that I felt your presentation was rushed but that you could have expounded a bit on some of the material, especially teaching methods. Things you do that work well and things you have done that were total flops for example.
Visual aids were helpful as well- like how you are teaching Judy’s magic cast on. Demonstrating techniques with big yarn and fat needles so the students can really see the process is something I don’t do often enough.
– Amy G, Grand Rapids, MI